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"Now, instead of being lost, I found a clear path on which to tread. And more importantly, I am enjoying the wonderful reward that comes from seeing a student or client’s eyes light up when they say, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Now, I’ve got it!”

-V. Mahoney   Life Mission Coach   January 11, 2009

"Thanks! Wonderful!"
"I Loved the Humor, Connections & Genius of your work. Inspirational!"

- Comments from participants in the International Career Development  Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Words from the Heart

he Life Mission process was developed by Naomi Stephan and Sue Carroll Moore. These women live their mission. Naomi is a musician, writer and educator. Sue is a psychotherapist, writer and poet. Both are members of ASCAP and both have been published in their respective fields. For twenty years, Sue and Naomi have taught the Life Mission process to thousands of people and helped them to live and work with joy, zest and a sense of purpose. I have found their process straight forward, accessible to people at all different way stations on their life mission path, enlightening and fun!
- Sue Kaiser, Life Mission Coach, St. Louis, MO

On behalf of all of us at The Palms, I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did as our guest speaker/presenter. The guests loved your classes, your presentation and YOU!
     It was such a pleasure to hear about your presentation. It was apparent from the very first that you are true professionals and it was wonderful to hear how great you were with our guests.
- Rosalie Meuleman, Programs Coordinator
The Palms at Palm Springs

Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose is a superb contribution at a vital time. I recommend the book highly.
- Charles Garfield author of Peak Performers

Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose is a gold mine of a book...Watch out world!
- Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin co-authors, Your Money or Your Life

Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose is an eye opening and door opening book.
- Malcolm Boyd author of Are You Running With Me Jesus?

We had an earthquake after your presentation and no one even felt it!
- Angelina Orzada, Counselor, Cal. State University, Northridge

Your message is both practical and inspirational. Anyone can benefit enormously from experiencing your incredible words of wisdom.
- Mary Williams, Dir. of Experiential Ed.

Dynamic, inspiring, motivating, enthusiastic!
- Rory Barksdale, Career Center Counselor

I continue to be delighted and challenged by Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose.
- D. Morrow, Artist

The beauty of your plan is truly a synergy of my greatest passions in life. I must thank you.
- David Haman, Businessman, Musician

Thank you for daring me to walk into a new world. You are my dear guiding soul.
- Pam Davis, University of Minnesota

I love your workbook!! It has become quite a friend already.
- Louise Stone, Director, Exp. Education, University of Kentucky

From the very first page, everything made an incredible amount of sense, and I identified my Life Mission in a matter of minutes!
- Iris M. (via e-mail)

Sue was wonderful - we accomplished more in that hour than I have in 10 sessions with my other counselor. You're a terrific team!
- Client

Words to Live By

remember the things you did as a child

slink past the obvious to the underneath leaf

think of an abiding love ... something you could not live without