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"Now, instead of being lost, I found a clear path on which to tread. And more importantly, I am enjoying the wonderful reward that comes from seeing a student or client’s eyes light up when they say, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Now, I’ve got it!”

-V. Mahoney   Life Mission Coach   January 11, 2009

"Thanks! Wonderful!"
"I Loved the Humor, Connections & Genius of your work. Inspirational!"

- Comments from participants in the International Career Development  Conference in Los Angeles, CA

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bookcoverColor.jpg Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose

Naomi Stephan, Ph.D.,
Blue Dolphin Publishing $15.95

"Watch out, world!" write Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, authors of Your Money or Your Life

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This updated, re-edited and expanded version of Finding Your Life Mission also contains two new chapters. The author takes life mission to a soul level, showing how we connect through our mission to the core of our very being, our soul's purpose. Through discussion, case histories and exercises, Naomi focuses on the internal creative, intuitive work needed to find your calling, combining it with your personal mode of doing things. Naomi shows you how to live your life with intention, and teaches you how to achieve clarity of purpose, make choices in sync with your self, and experience the joy of a meaningful life. The book ends with a vision for the future.

workbookColor.gif The Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Self-Study

Sue Carroll Moore, L.C.S.W.
and Naomi Irene Stephan, Ph.D.,
Life Mission Press $14.95

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Designed to complement the exercises in Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose and structured in seven modules, the workbook is packed with totally new, step-by-step practical exercises to access the clues for your mission. It presents the how-to's you need to explore your mission work at home. A new lay-flat design and margins for notes let you write all your exercises and insights directly into the book. The workbook concludes with an action plan to manifest your mission successfully!


The Self Directed Search


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Convenient, comprehensive and affordable, The Self Directed Search Internet Version is a well researched tool to help you narrow down your career options or give you possibilities you may not have considered. It allows you to take charge of your career decisions, and comes with a personalized report which you can read online or download for further study. We have used this report for over 20 years with our clients, and recommend it highly.

Upon receipt of payment you will get an access code from LMA to access the online version.

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Avoid a heart by-pass with this heart-to-heart talk about your mission as your true secret love. Enhance your understanding of the Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose book and Workbook. Learn about the central idea of the mission model: clues. Naomi shows you how to become your own detective and find those secret desires through specific clues. Don't leave your secret love in the lurch!

Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose Book on Cassette Tape

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Read by the author. Two 90 minute tapes. Includes excerpts from Naomi's music.


Purchase Consult Hours on-line - $150 per hour

Whether by telephone or through in-person sessions you can expect to:

- hear your inner melody and identify your individual calling
- manifest your dreams, take sensible risks, innovate, and get positive results
- experience enhanced creativity, health, life force, curiosity and enthusiasm
- acquire the decisive ability to mesh your dreams with your desires
- live your soul's purpose, and become a vibrant, empowered individual

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Planning a Personal Retreat? Purchase your Intake Session here:

Your $100 Intake Session fee will be applied to the cost of your Personal Retreat.

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Purchase a Personal Intensive Retreat - $3,000.00

We offer a program of personal intensives, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, where you can take time to examine your path in life, your goals and your vision for the future based on your passions and desires. The objective of the retreat is for you to jump start your mission quest in a concentrated way, using instrumentation, exercises, projects and dialogue.

Personal Retreat $3,000 Buy Now View Cart

Purchase an Astrological Consultation - $300.00

Your astrological birth chart is a guide to who you are, a mirror of your soul's intention for this lifetime, a clear description of your qualities, faculties and drives, and how they "hang together" as a balanced whole. In essence, your chart is the person you are supposed to be, and gives concrete clues as to your purpose in life. It also illuminates the issues you need to address, and your evolutionary intent for this life.

Requirements: Naomi will need in advance your exact birth time (hour and minute) place and date, as well as a focused question or area of concern. An Astrological reading of at least one hour normally requires several hours of preparation.

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Purchase a Dousing Consultation - $30.00 per 15 minutes

A method from the middle ages first designed to detect water, dousing proved effective in answering any question which requires a yes or no answer. Dousing was banned by the church because it became an easy and direct way to access metaphysical information, subverting the power of the priesthood. Recently, it has been revived as a invaluable tool to cut through snarly everyday problems as well to cast light on deeper psychological concerns.

Requirements: A series of questions which can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no". Normally, other questions arise out of the answers you receive during the course of the consult.

Dousing Consultation $30 Buy Now View Cart

Purchase a Spot Reading- $60.00 per 30 minutes

Spot readings require an unretouched full face photograph sent by the individual. Then, follows a 15 minute telephone interview session in which Naomi will ask you some specific questions, while tuning into your vibrations. She will focus on your soul's mission for this lifetime, and divine a setting in which she sees you. You and she will then interpret this setting together.

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Words to Live By

remember the things you did as a child

slink past the obvious to the underneath leaf

think of an abiding love ... something you could not live without