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"Now, instead of being lost, I found a clear path on which to tread. And more importantly, I am enjoying the wonderful reward that comes from seeing a student or client’s eyes light up when they say, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Now, I’ve got it!”

-V. Mahoney   Life Mission Coach   January 11, 2009

"Thanks! Wonderful!"
"I Loved the Humor, Connections & Genius of your work. Inspirational!"

- Comments from participants in the International Career Development  Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Self Study Program

ulfill Your Soul's Purpose: A Comprehensive Program for Self Study.

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Identify and Manifest Your Calling
Overcome emotional roadblocks
Inspire others by example
Give your life meaningful direction
Discover that special niche for your talents
Create a better world

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Words to Live By

remember the things you did as a child

slink past the obvious to the underneath leaf

think of an abiding love ... something you could not live without