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"Now, instead of being lost, I found a clear path on which to tread. And more importantly, I am enjoying the wonderful reward that comes from seeing a student or client’s eyes light up when they say, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Now, I’ve got it!”

-V. Mahoney   Life Mission Coach   January 11, 2009

"Thanks! Wonderful!"
"I Loved the Humor, Connections & Genius of your work. Inspirational!"

- Comments from participants in the International Career Development  Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Our Philosophy

Self Mastery & Purpose
An Interview of Naomi Stephan by Sue Moore

SUE: Naomi, you titled your book, FULFILL YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE: Ten Creative Paths to Your Life Mission. Can you define purpose and mission for our readers?

NAOMI: Purpose emphasizes the underlying intention to every action. Ultimately everything relates to an overriding purpose. Mission is our destiny in this lifetime with parents, lovers, friends, and children, our avocation as well as our paid work, our special suffering, our challenges, and our joy. Mission is our melody, and a career is just one instrument on which we play this melody.

SUE: Is it difficult for some people to hear this melody?

NAOMI: Yes. Many people feel lost on the path of life, stranded in the woods like Hansel and Gretel, without a sense of direction or a compass to find their way home. I certainly know what that lost feeling is, from painful personal experience.

SUE: Did feeling lost bring you to Life Mission work?

NAOMI: Yes. I left a promising singing career in my 20’s to go the safe route of teaching. But, increasingly, I felt a lack of direction or purpose, and began the process outlined in my book, to look creatively for clues to things I loved doing, and put them together to find the mission of my life.

: Could you summarize your life mission in one sentence or phrase? What pulls all that you are doing together?

NAOMI: Sound, I discovered, is at the core of my life. I concluded that I really needed to incorporate music into my mission, and not push it aside any longer. I began to compose music and sing again. I'm here to help create a sound world, through the sound of my words and music. Knowing your soul's purpose can get you on the path to fulfilling your mission more quickly. It's like having a road map. The paradoxical truth is, however, we are always on the path, even when we're in the dark or feeling lost.

: Like Hansel and Gretel.

NAOMI: Exactly! We are always being guided. We all have our fourteen angels, or whatever we choose to call them, surrounding us with just the right advice if we only would listen. When we feel lost, we've simply lost perspective. LMA provides a fresh new perspective. Our process helps people tune into that guidance.

: In other words, you teach people how to tune into their own soul.

NAOMI: Yes. The truest guidance ultimately comes from within. But the going can get tough without appropriate tools and techniques to maintain clear focus, to spot and eliminate emotional and mental blocks, to have a more integrated sense of mission.

: Would you call your approach career coaching?

NAOMI: Yes, it is career coaching, but much more than that. Life Mission coaching utilizes the Socratic method of dialogue to reach a higher level of self-realization. Inner guidance emerges through an intensive, parallel dialogue with a coach, with the Soul's Purpose Book, and our companion FYSP Workbook. Highly motivated clients can extend that dialogue with a Life Mission buddy, or within a work group.

SUE: What special techniques do you use to get results?

NAOMI: The arts! If anything is languishing in most of my clients, it's a hidden longing or talent involving some form of creative self-expression. For instance, I might have people draw their mission, or sing it, dance it, create a mandala, or whatever works for that particular individual. Artistic expression is not for artists only, it’s in all of us.

SUE: What do you think is unique or different about us at LMA?

NAOMI: I would say we are Renaissance women with multiple talents and passions. We walk the talk. You and I work with our artistic talents side by side with our mission passion. We know the turf, and the struggle our clients are confronting, because we are pursuing our artistic and spiritual challenges with vigor, as well. When a client says “I can’t do my passion. That will never pay the bills, etc.” we can prove that it isn’t true! We are living proof you CAN do it.

: Any words of advice for our readers?

Yes. I like the affirmation “Seeds I plant sprout daily.” Begin now, and reap the harvest of your good. You d eserve it and the world needs it!

Words to Live By

remember the things you did as a child

slink past the obvious to the underneath leaf

think of an abiding love ... something you could not live without