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"Now, instead of being lost, I found a clear path on which to tread. And more importantly, I am enjoying the wonderful reward that comes from seeing a student or client’s eyes light up when they say, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Now, I’ve got it!”

-V. Mahoney   Life Mission Coach   January 11, 2009

"Thanks! Wonderful!"
"I Loved the Humor, Connections & Genius of your work. Inspirational!"

- Comments from participants in the International Career Development  Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Our Biographies
Naomi Stephan, PhD and Sue Moore, LCSW

e work independently or together with the same person to achieve the result the client wishes. Consult our biographies and individual perspectives to contact the person you feel most meets your needs.


Sue Carroll Moore,

Who Am I?

Psychotherapist. Poet. Playwright. Co-founder of Life Mission Associates. Community Activist. Aries, Leo Rising, Pisces Moon, Sun-Saturn Conjunct in the 8th house. Developer (Personal Profile).

My Favorite Mottos:

I am what I am (from Popeye the Sailorman).
Only Connect
Aim Where You Hit (my own).
I'm having a life and death struggle with life and death (my own).
The Whole Thing is the Whole Thing (my own).
Alles ist Relativ (Einstein).

Where I have lived, studied and worked:

Cleveland, Ohio
Independence, Ohio
Evanston, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Valparaiso, Indiana
San Francisco, California
Santa Monica, California
Los Angeles, California
Ojai, California
Düsseldorf, Germany
Saarbrücken, Germany

My passions and special interests

Mental Illness
Robert Schumann
The Lesbian Community
The Health Care Crisis

My Greatest Mentors

Irene Barber
Dorothy Klein
Meno Spann
Jack & Sylvia Geller
Carolyn Williams
Jack Gibb
Naomi Stephan
My mother, Eunice, my father, William, my sister Mildred, my brother William R. Moore

Where I Studied:

Benjamin Franklin (Cleveland, OH)
Independence High School (Independence, OH)
Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)
University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

My Favorite Authors:

T.S. Eliot
Theodore Roethke
Thomas Mann

My Journey:

I compiled the above lists, because it is so hard to describe my path without mentioning all these people and places that shaped and colored my being. Of course, identity is that which combines all these elements into a significant whole person. If this sounds like an speech for an Oscar that hasn't yet been won, please forgive me. One of these days. . . .

This whole person turned out to be a psychotherapist and counsellor, whose mission it is to help others find their own special mission in life. This was the result of a lot of floundering -- naturally I thought I should be a doctor, as both my brother and father followed this career path. However, watching my father struggle with a long illness (emphysema), I realized I had no stomach for this profession, which requires a lot of tolerance for bodily fluids. I discovered instead, through these many years of floundering, a great tolerance for mental illness, darkness and confusion, and that I could lead others through difficult passageways. In 1968, after a brief flirtation with a publishing career (and being fired 3 times), I graduated with my MS in Social Work, determined to make a significant mark in my field.

In 1976, I met Naomi Stephan in Valparaiso Indiana. As a youngster, she had experienced a similar quandary and confusion as I had, in terms of her life path. We became instant partners and co-conspirators, determined to set ourselves and others free from pre-ordained patterns, careers and other blind alleys. In 1982, we founded Life Mission Associates in Santa Monica, California, and since then have helped thousands identify their unique Life Purpose. If we weren't women, we'd be more well known by now. Since 1988, many have borrowed our ideas and expanded on them. We should only be grateful.

My Coaching Philosophy and Methodology:

You have the answers within you, my job is to ask the right questions, and provide you with the right tools to dig into those buried parts of yourself so long neglected and forgotten. I do individual, couple, group psychotherapy, short or long term. I work face-to-face, short or long term, by email or by phone. I am completely accessible and flexible to your pace and your current needs. I consider it a personal responsibility to provide a good model for you by manifesting my own passions, by playwrighting, poetry, travel, and a joyful expansion of myself on all levels, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Naomi Irene Stephan,



My mottos:

Sing your own song

Stand up for what you believe in

Steadfastly express your passion

Seize the moment of excited curiosity

My Mission:

"To create a sound world through the sound of my words and my music."

My Journey:

I am a composer, musician, coach, activist and recovering professor. My three main passions are: music, political activism, and the curiosity and excitement of discovery.

I was born into a musical and academically educated family of German Lutheran heritage in Bloomington, Indiana. Growing up on a college campus, I spent my early years singing, playing, and meeting people from around the world at my parent's campus parish. This background prompted me to spend almost eight years in Germany (Berlin, Nürnberg, and Düsseldorf), to experience and absorb that country's (and my own) rich musical and cultural heritage.

My professors at Indiana University and the Berlin Hochschule für Musik recognized my musical talent and predicted a great career for me in music. "Bach is Naomi's daily bread," one scholar wrote. Nevertheless, after returning to the US, I abandoned a promising career to opt for a "safer" and more "sensible" one as a professor of German literature and language. Although I advanced on this academic path, I left behind the person I really wanted to be. Inwardly I grieved without understanding exactly why. Something was missing -- but what? I started looking within to find answers to my soul's path and this search became the foundation of my Life Mission work.

I left a tenured professorship at Valparaiso University in Indiana, to search for that elusive something I hadn't yet defined. This search took me to California and North Carolina, and now, Germany again.  In the ensuing process of self-discovery, I remembered my original intent to pursue a musical career. It was a most painful realization, since I had so neglected and abandoned that muse in the past.

I reoriented my life around following this musical path and made a firm commitment to pursue a musical calling through singing, conducting and composing choral music. My compositions have not only deepened my sense of soul satisfaction, but have also gained recognition with performances throughout the United States and Europe. You can track my progress on my music website, naomimusic.com.

My Coaching Philosophy and Process:

I believe our society, particularly our school system, in its neglect of the arts, contributes to a great disconnect between feelings and action, with a resultant increase in violence and anomie. We all suffer from this negative influence. (What if the kids at Columbine had been using violins, rather than violence to achieve their goals?)

As a result of school and societal repression, the creative part of ourselves often is denied or abandoned. Having myself buried my talents and ambition for many years, I realized I had to pursue my musical mission to feel authentic, before I could help others discover their mission. I have converted my own journey of loss and discovery into a concrete, step-by-step process to help others find their lost loves: that violin put away in the closet gathering dust, those poems still in the imagination or stuck away in a drawer, those paintings waiting to emerge from the empty canvas like Michelangelo's slave from his marble, or the novel languishing unfinished in the computer (all examples from my clients).

Life Mission Work saved my life and it can save yours.

I coach my clients to discover their buried, lost, and undiscovered talents, to recognize their soul's intention, and I coach them how to follow their passionate path. I also encourage clients to take a principled stand for their beliefs, and to spare no effort in following the true dictates of their soul's bidding.

I work with across the globe by telephone or e-mail,  or for a personal retreat, and now, in Germany for face to face retreats. I use creative exercises, the arts, astrology and other adjunct modalities to unleash the secrets of your soul, to help you gain access to your true life's purpose. (See Sue's interview of me on this web site.)

If you wish to engage me as a coach, I can teach you how to:

uncover the clues to your mission

make creative connections you hadn't imagined

transit comfortably from a dead end or stagnant situation

into one which enlivens your whole being

validate and clarify your goals

integrate that lost self back into your life

take the GRAND risk to finally be fully yourself


Words to Live By

remember the things you did as a child

slink past the obvious to the underneath leaf

think of an abiding love ... something you could not live without